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Wanderlust Life

Root Chakra Necklace 'Garnet'

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The beautifully fine and minimilastic necklaces of the Wanderlust Life Chakra Collection support and accompany the respective Chakra-Type. The Garnet Root  Chakra Necklace serves as an opener of the 1st Chakra, which stands for being the root of our energy system, for trust and for being earthbound. The garnet is supposed to deliver energy, vitality and, matching its look, inner fire.

Muladhara | Courage | Assertiveness | Sexuality

Got a Question?

Bee says…

We love its look and feel. You hardly notice wearing it,as it is featherlight.

Gemstone: Garnet - facet cut 9-10mm 

- 46cm long, very light
-  very fine but stable cord
- 14ct gold plated lock
- handstamped tag
- handmade in Devon, UK