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Beauty Restorer - Gua Sha Stone Precision Rose

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Bee-YOU-tiful. Gua Sha is a traditional chinese technique, applied since centuries, to regenerate a tired, mature skin with new energy and life via a massage. In Celebrity-Circles it is currently very in: Faceyoga so to say. The Hayo'u Beauty Restorer is easy to apply and effective. Simply massage the Hayu'o Beautyoil or your favourite one gently onto your cleaned skin. Here's the users manual hier...



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Bee says…

Hier is further information on how to use the Hayo'u Beauty Restorer. 

Material: 100% Xiuyan Rose Quartz 

- Rose quartz has a healing and cleansing effect
-relaxes facial muscles

provides a glowing teint

Please note that every Gua Sha Stone is a s individual as you are.

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